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The use of photovoltaic systems has been an important pillar of renewable energy for many years – they make a vast, reliable contribution to the energy revolution so that solutions to the challenges posed by climate change can be effectively found. Photovoltaics have a wide range of uses, from major energy plants to domestic applications.

Products which have been successfully used in cabling technology for many years are included in European standardisation as a matter of course. The relatively new industry is also working on further optimising and exploiting the major potential in this field with new technologies, e.g. organic photovoltaics (OPV), and other applications. The photovoltaic industry’s requirements for cabling solutions range from large, robust cables for direct burial in power stations right through to sophisticated connection systems, e.g. for flexible OPV modules.

The fact that we recognised the potential of this market early and developed the specialised skills for it is part and parcel of our drive for innovation. Whether you need to develop tailored products to suit specific needs, create cabling solutions for photovoltaic systems or receive consultation when planning and implementing plants, we offer our customers a specifically adapted product range for all photovoltaic cabling needs from the roof to the basement. We work with customers and institutes to constantly develop new products that reflect technological progress and best fulfil all industry requirements, e.g. maximum durability and robustness or extreme flexibility.

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Multiple cable entries for Solar Isolators
Multiple cable entries for Solar Isolators

Water getting into DC Solar Isolators is one of the leading causes of isolator failures, and the main culprit is poor cable glanding. With the SKINTOP DIX insert you are able to seal multiple cables safely.

1,000,000m of LAPP Solar Cable Installed in Australia
1,000,000m of LAPP Solar Cable Installed in Australia

With over 1,000,000m of LAPP Solar cable installed in Australia, LAPP is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the market. We have a long history of supplying Australia and the rest of the world with our OLFLEX SOLAR XLR-R Single and Twin solar cables.