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Terms & Conditions

Nothing in our Terms and Conditions are intended to undermine your rights as a consumer. The below conditions override all our previous Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to update our Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification.


1. Variations in product

Actual goods supplied may vary from the product pictures shown on our website or in our catalogues. We try our best to accurately represent the product to you, however our suppliers can make changes to the goods we are supplied without warning. If a product functionally performs its intended primary function correctly then you have no right of return.

Specifications for actual goods supplied may vary from the product specifications shown in our website or in our catalogues. We try our best to accurately represent the goods to you, however our suppliers can make changes to the goods we are supplied without warning (for example cable OD's could vary). If goods can still perform their intended primary function correctly then you have no right of return.


2. Quantities and measurements

Quantities are measured using machines and metre marks. Whilst we take great care in the measurement, quantities are accurate within a 5% tolerance. Lengths may differ to an extent from what is requested and listed. If an exact length is required, we advise to add an extra amount to allow for the forementioned tolerance. Lengths that are <5% below stated will not be credited.


3. Checking goods when they arrive

If a parcel arrives damaged it is your responsibility to record this information with the freighting company at the time you receive the goods. If you have not noted the damage, and we believe the damage occurred after the goods were dispatched, and the freighting company does not accept liability for the damage to the goods, then you will be obliged to accept and pay for the goods in whatever condition they arrived.

If goods are damaged when they arrive contact our sales team immediately. Photos maybe required to help us document the damage. If you do not have time to contact us before you use the goods, make sure you take photos showing the damage before unpacking and using the goods.

It is your responsibility to check that what goods arrive, match the corresponding delivery note which is included with the shipment. If the delivery note is missing, please contact our sales team for a replacement. If the goods supplied are incorrect to the paperwork, or the quantity of goods supplied is incorrect to the paperwork then please contact our sales team immediately.


4. GST (Goods and Services Tax)

GST is Goods and Services Tax and we must charge this on any goods or services we supply in Australia. Prices we advertise, or quote do not include GST unless explicitly stated. For all products we supply within Australia we will charge GST on top of the stated prices.

If you plan on using our products within Australia, then we must charge you GST.

If you plan on exporting our products we will charge you GST, and it is your responsibility to claim the GST content back at the time you export the goods.


5. Payment

Where credit terms have been approved, payment is by the requested date indicated on the Invoice we supply. If you do not receive an Invoice, or have misplaced the Invoice, it is your responsibility to contact our accounts team and request a new copy.

If you cannot make payment by the required date indicated on the Invoice you must contact our accounts team with an explanation. We may grant an extension to your payment terms.

Failure to make payment by the indicated date stated on the Invoice may result in the freezing of your company account so no new orders can be placed, and backorders will not be dispatched. This may also lead to a reduction or cancellation of your credit terms for future orders.

We stress, if you are not going to make payment by the requested date stated on the Invoice please contact our accounts staff.


6. Titles & Risk

Risk of damage or loss of goods passes to the customer on delivery.

Title of goods passes to the customer upon payment.


7. Orders and Pricing

To avoid duplication, faxed or emailed confirmation of telephone orders must be clearly marked "Confirmation Only". We do not accept liability for any orders not clearly marked, that we have supplied twice. If it is not clear, you will be charged for duplicate orders.

After an order is placed, items may not be removed, and quantities cannot be decreased or increased without prior written approval. We may have already cut product or have ordered in new product from suppliers to replace our stock.

Before you place an order, it is the customers responsibility to find out the delivery time for the goods. Once an order is placed, if the goods are not in stock but we have ordered them for you, then you cannot cancel your order without written approval.

If you place an order and your part number is for one product, and your description is for a different product, then you are responsible for whichever product you receive. if you receive a different item than you wanted, you may incur a restocking fee or return refusal. It is your responsibility to have the details on your purchase orders correct.

If we make an error on the pricing on an Invoice, please contact our accounts representative and explain the error. If it is a valid error we will be happy to rectify this for you with either a new invoice, or a credit for the difference in pricing.

Pricing for products may vary from your previous purchases without prior notification. If you do not have a valid written quotation, then you are required to pay the indicated invoice price.  If you have received a price over the phone, however you do not have written confirmation of this price, then this is not a valid quotation and the original stated invoice price stands. Verbal quotations are not valid.

Quotations are valid for a set period. If no time period is indicated on the quotation, you must request the valid range or assume the quotation is valid for only 30 days from when you receive it.


8. Product Warranty

If goods are determined to be faulty, we will either replace, repair, or refund the goods. We are not liable for any additional charges such as penalties, installation costs or downtime incurred due to replacing the original faulty goods. If we choose to refund the value of goods, this will be at the original Invoice price only.

We are not liable if the goods have been used in an improper way, or if installation does not follow the manufactures guidelines, or if the date is more than 12 months from the time of dispatch from our warehouse. Any replacements made will be guaranteed for the unexpired portion of the period of the 12-month guarantee given when originally supplied.

Some items may require repair by the manufacturer (for example, electronic goods). For this we complete an RMA with the originally manufacturer and send the goods back for repair. The manufacturer has a responsibility to repair the goods in a timely period and send them back to us (generally within 60 days). If you need a replacement during this period, you can choose to purchase a second additional unit. For site critical components, it is recommended to always hold a spare in case of breakdowns.

To make a claim please contact our sales team.


9. Use of Personal Information

We handle your personal data in accordance with our "Privacy Policy". 


10. Freight for Orders

When placing orders through our website we may offer free shipping for orders over a certain value. This is only valid if the order is placed through the WEB store.

Free Shipping is only available for orders within Australia. Free Shipping is only available for standard delivery methods and does not include special sprint courier deliveries.

A shipping fee may also be included if the goods ordered are very bulky and are a relatively low cost.