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KNX BUS Cables


LAPP - UNITRONIC BUS EIB / KNX Cable for Building Automation

LAPP UNITRONIC KNX BUS Cable is designed for use in building management, e.g. for decentralised control of lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, energy management, blinds, time management & locking systems.

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UNITRONIC® BUS EIB / KNX Cable for Building Communications LAPP-2170240
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UNITRONIC® BUS EIB H, Halogen-free communication in building management, 2X2X0.8 LAPP-2170241
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UNITRONIC® BUS EIB COMBI, combination cables for communication in building management, 2X2X0.8+3X1.5 LAPP-2170242
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