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UNITRONIC BUS PB TORSION, For torsional stress robotic applications PUR 1X2X0.38
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  • For use where the combination of a halogen-free outer sheath with properties similar to PUR and enhanced flame-retardance is required
  • Cables can be used for PROFIBUS-DP as well as PROFIBUS-FMS and FIP

Application range

  • PROFIBUS DP (in accordance with DIN 19245 and EN 50170, e.g. for SIEMENS SIMATIC® NET, also suitable for FIP - Factory Instrumentation Protocol).

Product features

  • TORSION: for torsional stress, e.g. robot application; ± 180° per 1 m
  • Halogen-free
  • Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2
  • Based on the bit rates listed, in accordance with PNO specifications the following maximum cable lengths for a bus segment apply
    (cable type A, PROFIBUS-DP):
    93.75 kbit/s = 1200 m
    187.5 kbit/s = 1000 m
    500 kbit/s = 400 m
    1.5 Mbit/s = 200 m
    12.0 Mbit/s = 100 m

Norm references / Approvals

  • Certification: UL type CMX in accordance with UL 444

Product Make-up

  • Stranded bare copper wire
  • Core insulation: PE
  • Overall screening with copper braid and plastic-laminated aluminium foil
  • Outer sheath: PUR, violet (RAL 4001)

Temperature range

  • Operating temperature: -25°C to 75°C
  • Storage temp.: -40°C to 80°C

Peak operating voltage

  • (not for power applications)
    300 V

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