EMC Gland M25 XL

SKINTOP MS EMC VSD M25 Metal Gland (9 to 16.5mm) with XL thread
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Application range

  • For EMC-compliant earthing of the copper braiding, or for cables with copper shaft sheath
  • Telecommunication
  • Industrial machinery and plant engineering
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Automation technology


  • Suitable for cables with and without inner sheath
  • Also suitable for continuing the cable screen to another connection
  • Low-resistance screen contact, optimum EMC protection
  • Highly conductive, flexible EMC contact for clamping various screen diameters
  • Few operation steps, easy to assemble

Product Make-up

  • Metric connection thread acc. to EN 50262

Norm references / Approvals

  • UL File Nr. E79903


  • SKINDICHT® SM-PE-M counter nut should be used to ensure optimum contact with painted, anodised or powder-coated housings
  • Refer to SKINTOP® metric accessories for suitable accessories
  • As an alternative for thick-walled housings, we recommend SKINTOP® MS-SC-M-XL with long connection thread in the sizes M16 to M50
  • In stainless steel V2A available

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Type Format Size
Datasheet 0.15 MB
Products specifications
Size M25

Type Format Size
Datasheet 0.15 MB
Products specifications
Size M25
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