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Black - 40mm Conduit


SILVYN® RILL PA 6 Black 40mm

Halogen Free Lightweight Conduit. Protects cables effectively against dust, moisture, mechanical and chemical influences. Rated to IP68 with straight glands and IP67 with right-angle glands. Suitable for outdoor and moving applications.

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SILVYN® FCL 42 40mm Black Conduit Clip LAPP-55506965
(5 Pack excl GST)
In Stock
SILVYN® KLICK-GM Black Straight Gland for 40mm conduit LAPP-55501085
(Each excl GST)
In Stock
SILVYN® KLICK-WM Black 90 Degree Gland for 40mm conduit LAPP-55501225
(Each excl GST)
Global Stock
SILVYN® RILL PA6 Flexible Conduit M40 Black LAPP-61746995
(25m excl GST)
In Stock
SKINTOP® GMP M40 Black Locknut LAPP-53119150
(Each excl GST)
In Stock