Spring Terminals

Minimise costs and maximise your application safety with WAGO Cage Clamp technologies

For All Conductor Types - Push-in Cage Clamp spring pressure terminals are suitable for all conductor types: solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors, as well as fine-stranded conductors with ferrules or pin terminals, and tip-bonded conductors. Moreover, all conductors can be connected without preparation: ferrules and pin terminals can be used but are not mandatory to achieve a secure clamping connection.

A superior design eliminates the risk of a loose connection; contact breaks are excluded. The conductor is embedded in a soft tin layer. The transition point is resistant to corrosive infiltration. The long-term consistency of the contact resistance is ensured – even in aggressive atmospheres.


  • Shorter wiring times to reduce labour costs
  • Faster commissioning reduces upfront costs, and maintenance-free connections provide long-term savings
  • Maintenance-free, spring pressure connection technology: Greater system uptime and equipment reliability
  • Rugged design: Products with Cage Clamp technology can also be used in harsh

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