How LAPP is steering its way through the pandemic

How LAPP is steering its way through the pandemic

How LAPP is steering its way through the pandemic

Politicians in Germany have been repeatedly stating that companies need to do more to protect their employees against COVID-19 infection. This assertion is something that Matthias Lapp, CEO of U.I. Lapp GmbH, totally rejects. “Most of the companies I know are already doing everything possible to protect their employees to the best of their ability. We are among them. The health of our employees is our top priority. We always try to be one step ahead to provide everyone with a little bit of additional safety.”

LAPP Australia would like to reassure you that we are taking a variety of measures to ensure the continuation of supply to our customers. In addition, we do not currently expect any significant or negative impact on our ability to supply Lapp’s range of industrial cables, cable glands and connectivity solutions.

Following is a list of actions we are taking to minimise any disruptions:

  • Product availability is prioritise
  • Product sales and stock on hand is reviewed daily
  • Any potential or current supply issues are identified and addressed; and
  • Open dialogue is maintained between our teams, trade partners and customers to ensure continuous supply

Indeed, since the middle of April, LAPP has been able to conduct rapid tests on a daily basis for employees who are not working from home. Anyone can carry out the tests at home in the morning before setting off for work. This applies to all national subsidiaries in LA EMEA. The LAPP Coronavirus rules are also much stricter than government requirements. Anyone who has had only very brief contact with an infected person must quarantine at LAPP for 14 days.

Employees really appreciate this special care from LAPP. “Consistent and transparent communication, free masks and quick tests, tools and systems for remote working and flexible working hours – for me as a father, these measures have been a great help in balancing my work and family life during these exceptional times. I am very grateful to LAPP and I am happy to be part of this value-based family company”, says Bekim Pepaj from Marketing Communications at LAPP.


LAPP facilitated mobile working for office employees back in the spring of 2020. LAPP provided them with office packages consisting of a laptop, mouse, keyboard and headset. For those who remained on site, free masks were provided and increased hygiene measures were put in place. Logistics and production work is carried out by alternating teams, so that the entire team does not have to quarantine in the event of infection. One-way walking routes have been set out in the canteen. Food is only available for collection. A mask must be worn across the entire company site, except at you own desk if you can observe a minimum distance of 4.50 metres to the next person. Business trips and visits to customers are currently only very limited. The rules will not be relaxed until the number of incidences is below 50 again.

Employees’ safety comes a price. Around 200,000 euros have been invested in additional cleaning and disinfection in Stuttgart since 25 February 2020. A further 600,000 euros have been spent on masks and self-tests. “The protective measures have resulted in 67,000 euros of additional costs per month at the Stuttgart site alone”, says Jan Bakic, a member of the LAPP Coronavirus task force, which meets twice a week.

They coordinate communications with other national subsidiaries. “Based on an assessment of infection levels and the local legal situation, every site decides what action is currently required, but we help where necessary,” says Jan Bakic. A pandemic management plan has also been made available to the companies, setting out proposed actions and packages of measures. And if the situation gets tough somewhere, masks and tests have been sent from Stuttgart to international colleagues.

Andreas and Matthias Lapp are currently working hard on ensuring that employees at LAPP can also get their vaccinations from the company doctor. They are supported by the foundation for family companies and along with other German family companies are planning to make a combined order for a vaccine. Matthias Lapp: “The vaccination concept is in place – everything is prepared. We are in the starting blocks to be able to offer our employees vaccination through an external partner as well as our company doctors from mid-June.” That is reason for hope.

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