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New Stainless Steel Enlargers & Reducers


LAPP’s new hygienic Stainless Steel reducers and enlargers allow for seamless connections of cable glands with different thread and hole sizes, including in hygiene-critical areas of the food industry.


LAPP Australia is introducing new hygienic Stainless Steel reducers and enlargers to enable the seamless connection of different sized cable glands in hygiene-critical areas.

The new reducer and enlarger range, which joins more than 5,000 product lines locally stocked in Australia, is compliant with a variety of global standards, making them suitable with hygiene-critical areas of the food industry, such as the product zone or direct food production environments, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industry applications. 

The product range’s hygienic design incudes smooth surfaces and contours, without edges or corners where micro-organisms can accumulate and pose contamination risks for food processing machinery.

“These new products open up greater flexibility in cable gland selection, because it’s now independent of the threaded hole size of the enclosure,” says LAPP Australia Managing Director, Simon Pullinger.

“They have also been tested via ECOLAB international for resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents, which means these products facilitate simple, frequent, and safe product cleaning,” added Pullinger.

The hygienic reducers and enlargers join LAPP’s broader range of hygienic cable glands, including HYGIENIC and INOX M cable glands, which are also designed to top global standards, including DIN EN 1672-2 in Germany, ECOLAB in America, and EHEDG in Europe.

“For food and beverage manufacturers in Australia, LAPP’s hygienic cable gland ranges provide the ultimate assurance that the product meets or exceeds any standard around the world, as well as being designed to last in service,” says Pullinger.




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