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ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 control cables empower industrial connectivity

These durable and flexible cables have been engineered and tested to be oil resistant, coolant resistant, and chemical resistant. ÖLFLEX cables can withstand dry, damp, and wet conditions and therefore save money on downtime and lost production. ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 is a number-coded multiconductor power and control cable for use in all electrical equipment in both indoor and outdoor applications. It is available in grey and black, unscreened and screened, with 0.6/1 KV options.

“When you need a cable that can route and bend to conform to your machine without damage, ÖLFLEX is the number one brand you can trust, and LAPP Australia has extensive local stock available to support projects needing quick delivery times,” says LAPP Australia Managing Director, Simon Pullinger.

“Power cables — which LAPP also supplies — provide the optimum power supply, while control cables transmit signals for controlling devices and machines. Both are critical in the safe and efficient running of industrial machinery,” he says.


A control cable can contain two to typically 25 or, in rare cases, up to 100 numbered cores. The conductor cross-section is usually between 0.5 mm2 and 2.5 mm2, but can also be up to 35 mm2 depending on the application. Control cables should be flexible and space-saving and have the smallest possible bending radii, adds Pullinger.





Versatile range

The ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 number-coded cores range includes:

  • Grey flex, used in fixed installations as well as those with occasional flexing at free, non-continuously recurring movement without tensile load. Grey flex is also suitable for power chains up to 5 m.
  • Black flex, used in a wide range of heavy duty applications such as plant engineering, industrial machinery, heating and air-conditioning systems, power stations, wind turbine generators, and stage applications.
  • Screened clear flex, which has a clear PVC sheath for quick identification that this is a screened cable. This cable is suitable for most industrial installations where extra electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) noise immunity is required.
  • Black flex 0.6/1kV, which has been tested to nominal voltages of 600 and 1000 V.
  • Black screened flex 0.6/1kV, which has been tested to nominal voltages of 600 and 1000 V, and is also screened for applications requiring EMC noise immunity.



ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 CY clear PVC sheath.



“The versatility of ÖLFLEX CLASSIC control cable range means they can be used in nearly all industrial applications, with different features to suit harsh environments and specific tolerances,” says Simon.

Depending on the cable variant, ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 cables can come with resistances to flame, chemical, oil, UV and weather, ozone, high and low temperatures, and electromagnetic interference.


These German-engineered cables have been designed to be compliant with Europe’s top safety Standards, which typically meet or exceed equivalent Australian Standards,” says Simon.

The broader ÖLFLEX range of which the CLASSIC 110 is a part includes cables for solar, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, high ambient temperature, servo, robot, crane, and a huge range of industrial applications requiring reliability, efficiency, and performance from rugged cables.


“If you think of an application, or a global Standard, or a certain type of resistance, it’s likely there is an ÖLFLEX cable that suits that specific need,” says Pullinger.



ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 CY Black 0.6-1kV.



Global quality, local support

LAPP’s ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 range has been proven around the globe, and LAPP Australia is seeking to make it easier and more efficient for local projects.


“LAPP Australia has more than 5000 product lines stocked locally, with access to another 25,000 shipped from Germany typically within two weeks,” says Simon.

“Our Australian team can provide support in specifying the right product to achieve application requirements, as well as assistance with delivery, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance and support,” he adds.


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LAPP ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 control cables empower industrial connectivity

Top image caption: ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 Grey.

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