In theatres, conference centres, concerts, film and TV productions, sound, light, video and multimedia are the most important mediums of each performance and every show.


Any loss of sound or lighting during a live stage show doesn’t bear thinking about, particularly for high profile acts. High reliability of all components within sound and lighting systems is absolutely essential. None more so than the cables linking the many elements that make up the complex audio visual arrangements and effects. Most paying observers are totally unaware of the technology involved in presenting a spectacular and seamless show. They stand back and enjoy the overall experience oblivious to both the amount of equipment, cabling and connections involved and the sometimes manic preparation.


Lapp Light Flex 

Within the stage lighting area, black sheathed cables are predominately used due to their “invisibility”. From our range we  can supply a 18x1.5 or 18x2.5  PVC power cable, with a matt black outer sheath, rated up to 300/500V suitable for connection of lighting technology and dimmer racks. We have produced this cable specifically for the lighting connectors, the cores and the earth are positioned so they easily line up with the pins on the connectors allowing for a quick and reliable production. Lapp Light Flex is held in stock on bulk drums and can be then cut to your exact length to avoid wastage.




Costly and heavy multi-core audio connections between the stage and the soundboard are finally a thing of the past. Lapp Group can offer the ETHERLINE® FD CAT 5 cable, which has been specially designed for the EtherSound standard (up to 64 audio channels at 24 Bit/s with 48 KHz scanning rate). The black ETHERLINE® FD P CAT 5 cable combines an extremely robust construction with high flexibility. ETHERLINE® FD CAT 5 cable is ideally suited for outdoor applications due to its UV resistant Black Polyurethane outer sheath.


                           What is EtherSound?

EtherSound is an elegantly simple and open standard for networking digital audio. Fully compliant with the Ethernet standard (IEEE 802.3), EtherSound leverages the investment of high-tech computing and telecommunications corporations on behalf of the pro audio industry. Professional audio applications such as live sound, recording and broadcast productions demand ultra-low latency and EtherSound delivers: input-to-output transmission time is six samples (125 microseconds at 48 kHz), regardless of the number of channels transmitted. EtherSound provides bi-directional transmission, high data capacity at mixed sample rates and powerful control functions. As Ethernet evolves, EtherSound keeps pace, because the network interface is implemented in FGPA (Field Programmable Gate Array) firmware.



H07RN-F Rubber Cable

As more external events are taking place, especially Summer music festivals, we are seeing an increase in the requirement for a more rugged and wear resistant cable. Thanks to its extraordinary flexibility and mechanical strength, the Lapp H07RN-F cable is ideal for power transmission in both fixed and flexible installations. This cable has been manufactured using compounds which are designed to withstand all weather conditions, most oils and greases, mechanical and thermal stresses. This makes it a great all-purpose power cable for severe applications. These tough rubber sheathed cables conform to the CENELEC Common European regulations. With this increase demand in mind Lapp are now holding larger stocks of a variety of the H07RN-F, including single cores from 35mm² up to 240mm² and multi-core from 3x1mm² up to 4x95mm².


POWERSAFE Connectors

To compliment the range of single core rubber cables Lapp can also supply a range of Powersafe high current single pole connectors for use on portable generators and temporary power supplies. These connectors are available in either 500Amp or 800Amp rating, with a voltage up to 1000 volts. The range includes straight connectors and panel mount connectors for line drain and line source.

• Colour coded for Europe and UK (Harmonised)
• Mechanically keyed to prevent connection errors
• Flame retardant UL94-V0
• Locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection under load
• Finger proof contacts on both genders to prevent access to electrical currents when uncoupled
• Screw terminations to facilitate cables from 25mm² to 300mm²
• Silver Plated contacts
• High Impact bodies
• Integral cable strain relief
• Metric EN compliant cable glands, with increased cable clamping range
• No Special tools required for assembly
As with our lighting harnesses we are able to offer pre-cut lengths of a single core H07RN-F and the Powersafe connector to suit. For an accurate quote contact us with your exact requirements.

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