SKINTOP® Interference-free EMC Cable Glands

SKINTOP® Interference-free EMC Cable Glands

Cable gland solutions for EMC applications

Electromagnetic interference can be harmful to data transmission and can inhibit Industry 4.0 and factory automation processes seeking to provide quick and accurate transfer of information.

To create Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliant data transmission cables, the data and control signals should be locked in a Faraday cage, says global cable authority, LAPP. By forming a continuous covering or mesh of a conductive material, a Faraday cage blocks electromagnetic fields from reaching inside its shielded area.

As a global leader in cables, connectors and Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, LAPP designs a range of EMC-compliant connection options for interference-free data transfer performance.



LAPP Australia, which has direct access to more than 20,000 products from the global LAPP range, is introducing its latest SKINTOP® BRUSH series of cable glands, designed to be installed safely, quickly and easily and to offer optimum EMC protection.


The SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH, for example, has a 360-degree brass brush, which provides low-resistance contact between the shielding braid and the gland, without causing any damage to the shielding braid,” explains LAPP General Manager, Simon Pullinger.


“From the point of view of EMC, the design of cable glands, cables and connectors must be such that the connection between the cable shield and the earth potential has a low resistance. Ideally, the cable shield, together with the cable gland and the metallic enclosure wall, establishes a closed connection,” he says.


LAPP’s SKINTOP® BRUSH series is especially suitable for flexible cable diameters. The products can be installed quickly and easily while at the same time providing a high clamping range for copper shielding braids.”




 LAPP’s SKINTOP® BRUSH series includes its SKINTOP® BRUSH ADD-ON 24, pictured, which provides an EMC protection supplement to cable bushing systems. 



Advantages of LAPP’s SKINTOP® BRUSH series include:


  •       Thousands of ring-shaped brush hairs reliably protect data streams from induced interference signals from outside.
  •       A large, variable clamping range makes assembly and disassembly easier and faster.
  •       The cable is centred, fixed, strain-relieved, and hermetically sealed in one step. 


 Challenges and solutions to EMC protection


Earlier cable technologies used a shielding braid that is twisted into a pig’s tail, and only fixed at one point in the enclosure by a few fine wires. In the worst cases, this generates a high impedance over a short distance, making it less suitable for an EMC-compliant solution. A further hurdle is posed by painted or powder-coated enclosures, which make a direct connection to the metal enclosure wall difficult. “To present a solution to these issues, LAPP’s EMC cable glands ensure that the copper shielding braid at the transition into the enclosure is applied to the earth potential all around and without gaps. In this way, the cables and wires are connected in an EMC-compliant manner and can safely keep out interfering signals from the outside,” explains Mr Pullinger.



The inference-free SKINTOP® BRUSH series

 LAPP’s SKINTOP® BRUSH series has been specifically designed to provide the perfect Faraday cage environment and protect cables against any outside electromagnetic interference. The range includes:





reliable EMC protection even after dismantling

and re-installation, as the shielding braid is not

damaged by the brass brush.








extension that is the world's first patented, active EMC locknut.

It cuts into the enclosure and at the same time, offers an optimal,

low-impedance 360° shield contact. 







LAPP’s SKINTOP® BRUSH ADD-ON 24 is an ideally suited

EMC protection supplement to cable bushing systems. It

features a visible, large-area shield contact, optimum, low

resistance 360° shield contact, and simple dismantling.


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